WATCH: SethDrea’s Jowa Challenge

Image: The Squad Plus YouTube Channel

There are so many trends on YouTube nowadays that we don’t really pay attention to them much anymore since they’ll only most likely be replaced within the week. That said, this is probably one of the most requested trends that fans asks SethDrea to do.

In case you missed it, Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin have answered your prayers: The two just did a ‘Jowa Challenge’ that’ll give you good vibes and a whole lot of kilig.

Image: The Squad Plus YouTube Channel

The two are ask to choose from numbers 1 to 7 and for each numbers, there’s a corresponding scenario that they need to act out.

The challenge starts with Seth serenading Andrea. The scenario is, ‘Sinagot ng babae and lalaki.’

“Sige na, sagutin na kita. Oo, jowa mo na ako.” Andrea said.

Image: The Squad Plus YouTube Channel

That’s just the start of the challenge, but we can longer contain the kilig while watching!

A clip of the said vlog have gone viral on Facebook when Andrea posted it. As of this writing, a forty three seconds clip has over 1 millions views.

“Tag mo na yung marupok mo na friend!” Andrea captioned.

Image: Andrea Brillantes’ Facebook Page

Watch the entire video below!

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