THE TIGRESS: Andrea Brillantes stuns in a fierce photoshoot with BJ Pascual

The tigress officially came to roar and slay the barricades that comes in her way 🐯

Fashion photographer BJ Pascual recently unveiled his photoshoot with Andrea Brillantes for the ‘MUSINGS’ series. Showing this Friday at 7PM, the actress showed her modeling prowess with cheetah and leopard-printed dress by Job Dacon.


Photo from @blythe on Instagram


Photos by @blythe on Instagram


Photos by @blythe on Instagram

Andrea’s dedicated fans expressed their love and support on her social media accounts including twitter.

#AndreaBrillantes trended with thousands of tweets because of the fiery photoshoot that also made it to several news websites.

They also showcased their blythe-inspired animal looks

@iamandrea_b LOW BUDGET

@iamandrea_b @bjpascual asan na kayo?

Originally tweeted by SAVAGEOUSS💅 (@frtwinkle) on February 3, 2022.

Celebrities also reacted to the ‘slaying’ photos that revealed the mature look of the award-winning actress.

Kabog!!!!! #AndreaBrillantes

Originally tweeted by kat (isabela) madrigal (@swiftieblythe) on February 2, 2022.

Andrea showcased her mature yet fiery side in this photoshoot. There are many things to come for the actress, who is about to turn 19 this March. We are so ready for more, blythe!

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