SethDrea’s Domino Lovers Tiktok Challenge

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air, and on TikTok!

Andrea Brillantes posted a video of with Seth doing the most requested content on Tiktok – the Domino Lovers Challenge.

In their comfy clothes, Andrea and her Ali are both seen on the video grooving on Jessie J’s Domino and having some major laughs as they go along the challenge.

But hey, did you notice something? It’s not just the maximum cuteness of their dance that’s giving us all the kilig, but it’s the fact that the two are doing the challenge in Andrea’s house and with her mom watching them at the back.

You all know what this means, right? #TeamReal!



♬ Domino Lovers Challenge – tysm for 80k💗

If I was to define one of the most romantic “Sana all” m0ment, this video from Sethdrea would be it. Even my co-fans agrees! Check out their comments below:

Not gonna lie, I was so kilig that I’ve never felt so single in my life, LOL!

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