SethDrea leads in the new mini-series ‘Saying Goodbye’

iQiyi, a video streaming platform based in China, reveals its newest content featuring new six Korean and Filipino shows. One of them is the new mini-series of Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes named “Saying Goodbye”, a series of star-crossed lovers who love music and adventure. The story will revolve around “Ricky and Elise” where destiny brings them together. 

Photo from ABS-CBN

This is yet another milestone for the love team after the success of “Wild Little Love” which streamed on Netflix and iWant, Kadenang Ginto, and Huwag Kang Mangamba as Pio and Mira. 

Photo from Caixi Global

 Kuek Yu-Chuang, iQiyi’s vice president of International Business, stated that a “very positive trend of international viewers consuming more Asian content” led them to invest and introduce premium pan-Asian content to the world which covers 191 countries. 

The newly-introduced films also include “Hello, Heart” which features other Filipino actors Gigi de Lana and Gerald Anderson. Korean stars Krystal Jung and Kim Jaeuck will also have their series “Crazy Love” streamed on iQiyi. Thai and Malay content were also included in the rosters of new films and series. 

Congratulations to Seth and Andrea for their newest project!