PISCES GODDESS: Andrea Brillantes transforms into Aphrodite for her 18th Birthday

Today, the Kapamilya teen star Andrea Brillantes revealed her pre-debut photos as the day nearly approaches. She teased her photoshoot with celebrity photographer Charis Malico at Shutter Space Studios in Quezon City in a white silk tube paired with a white slit skirt made by known fashion designer Michael Leyva and styled by Eldzs Mejia.

The actress captioned the dazzling photos with “💟♓️ PISCES SEASON ♓️💟” which is her zodiac sign. It also included a countdown for her nearly approaching birthday on March 12. The concept is possibly inspired by greek goddess Aphrodite, who is known as the goddess of love, beauty and passion.

Photos by Charis Malico

With her glitz and glamour, the pre-debut photoshoot made it to the trending topics in Twitter Philippines as her fans get ‘excited’ for her 18th birthday.

The photos made several celebrities comment on the actress’ post including Seth Fedelin (her Ali), Ivana Alawi, Kira Balinger, Samantha Montano, Darla Sauler, Awra Briguela, and Kim Molina.

Comments from her Instagram Post

Our little blythe is now turning into a lady and as we witness her growth and success, may we continue to support her endeavors as she steps into another chapter of her life. We are so excited for your 18th birthday, Andrea! ❤️

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