Life lessons we learned from Mira

Being blind is not a hindrance to live a normal life. 

We can’t help it but sometimes we have this pre-conceived notions that blind people cannot do their work or live a normal life.

Blind people can lead a normal life with their own style of doing things. In the first episode of “Huwag Kang Mangamba”, Mira was seen cooking for the people of the Institution. She was capable of navigating from places to places with the help of her cane. She is independent. She travelled from the institution all the way to this quaint town of Hermoso all by herself. 

We should not draw any limiting boundary to the abilities of any blind person to indulge themselves in any activity. 

“Disability need not be an obstacle to success,” – Stephen Hawking

You are not alone in your problems.

We do not walk this earth by ourselves. We are not meant to fight battles solo, or to always count on our own strength to carry us through. Sometimes we will not feel strong. Sometimes we will not be able to pick ourselves up. Sometimes we will feel so tired, even lifting our head from the pillow is an accomplishment but Mira will always remind us that Bro is there. He is listening and guiding us the way he guides Mira on her journey in finding her mom. Bro will carry us when we cannot carry ourselves.

Positivity is the key.

If we don’t let negative events get to the best of us, we are more likely to be successful in anything we do. The key for us to achieve our goals is to keep a positive attitude and rely on Bro. 

Let’s all learn from Mira. She doesn’t complain about her visual impairment or how she’s going to get things done because by doing that, she is setting herself up for defeat and failure.

Your disability doesn’t define you.

You are so much more than your disability. There is an amazing person behind your disability so don’t be afraid to express who you really are. It is part of your identity, but it isn’t the only thing that makes you the person you are. Do not let others tell you otherwise.

You don’t need a sight to have a vision.

Many people think that having a visual impairment can be limiting, but this isn’t the case for Mira. She has passion in sharing the word of God and touch other people’s lives. She is committed and doesn’t let anyone deter her from doing it. Just because you have a visual l impairment, you can still have a vision.

Nothing is ever impossible with God.

Mira died in a hit and run accident but Bro did not neglect her. He gave her a second life. Miracles exist when you believe in it. 

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37 ESV

God does immeasurably more. He makes all things possible. 

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