Insta-kilig: Seth admits to being in love

The universe amazingly made a way for the paths of Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin to intertwine. These two can make their fans feel giddy every time they appear on screen.

Even a simple Instagram post can make all the fans feel all the ‘kilig’.

On a Tuesday night, Andrea posted a photo of her and Seth with an Eraserhead lyrics caption, ‘O pare ko 🎶 @imsethfedelin’

Image from @blythe on Instagram

Just in case their sweet photo isn’t kilig enough, perhaps this comment of Seth would make you say, “Aww!”

This post drew a lot of attention from their fans who have been tirelessly voting the past few days for the VP Choice Awards. They even refer to this as “ayuda” and that it motivates them to keep on voting for the Love Team of the Year Award.

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