Andrea Brillantes stuns viewers with contacts removal method

Celebrities who wear long acrylic nails are likely to have as many questions as people with tattoos or piercings.

If you are one of Andrea Brillantes’ avid fans, you might have noticed her long nails and is curious about how does she do anything with her fingernails that long?

One aspect of long-nail living often goes undiscussed, and that is the dilemma of dealing with contact lenses. Is there any way to safely remove contact lenses without stabbing your eyeballs?

In her recent Tiktok video, Brillantes shared with her 12.9 million followers how she takes off her contact lens with her “spikes”. The video has already garnered over two million views in just two hours.


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Instead of her fingertips, Andrea used her knuckles to pinch her grey eye contact out of her lid in about half a second.

She added that she still struggled with removing them sometimes.

Inserting and removing contacts successfully is most definitely a learned skill. If you add donning acrylic nails into the mix, your challenge is made twice as difficult.

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