Andrea Brillantes slams basher on Tiktok

If she had a dollar for every time people comment on her talking voice, Andrea would be rich.

Actress Andrea Brillantes clapped back at her basher who commented “baby talk 🥱 on her latest Tiktok.

Andrea is not having it and replied, “Pake mo 🥱.

The netizen already deleted the negative comment as it created a long thread of comments from Andrea’s fans defending her.

In her Metro Chats interview, Andrea mentioned that she’s been receiving a lot of comments from netizens, friends, and co-workers about making her voice more mature.

Although she finds it a bit difficult because her voice can usually be quite small and high-pitched, she makes sure to adjust it when asked to, especially for her acting career. If the director asks her to modulate it, she will gladly do so.

She explains that her voice isn’t always like that. It just becomes small when she’s not comfortable yet with the person she is talking to. Eventually it will transition to her more natural tone, which we usually hear in talk shows or interviews after she’s broken the ice.

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