Andrea Brillantes Pranks Her Mom

As far as Andrea’s pranks go, her latest one may just have taken the cake.

In her latest vlog, Andrea conspired with Kayla (her sister), Lola Susan, Ate Susan (her PA and also the one who took care of her mom since she was 14 year old) and lastly, Kuya Ahl ( her driver) to prank the lady of the house — Mommy Belle.

L-R: Andrea, Lola Susan and Kayla

For the said “birthday prank,” Andrea took fans along in a plan of giving her mom something she hates the most — frogs.

Mommy Belle just turned 47 year old today and can still manage to look 20 years younger.

Unbeknownst to her, an icebox cooler with frogs inside is waiting for her in their car.

Upon learning of Andrea’s “surprise”, she ran out as fast as she can while Andrea holds a frog in her hand (Di sya takot!).

Wanna know what happens next? Watch the full video below:

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