Andrea Brillantes is taking us back to the 2000s alt scene

In her latest Tiktok, Andrea gave her followers a sneak peak to her character in an upcoming iQIYI original online series, “Saying Goodbye”.

She captioned her post with, “Meet Elise.”

Just from the way she dress, we all know that her character is going to bring back a lot of emo culture memories from the 2000s.

She also shared a video on her Instagram story donning the same fashion style.

Andrea has mentioned before in an interview that her character “Elise” was a former rocker hence, the outfit. Elise is also a fan of Yeng Constantino.

“Saying Goodbye” will center on the romance of Elise (Brillantes) and Ricky (Fedelin), an unlikely match brought together by their shared passion for music and adventure.

An iQiyi original offering produced by ABS-CBN’s Dreamscape Entertainment, it will premiere exclusively on streaming platform worldwide.

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