Andrea Brillantes gets noticed by Rosé of Blackpink

Getting noticed by your celebrity crush and idol is on top of every fan boy’s or girl’s ultimate bucket list, and teen star Andrea Brillantes is no exemption to that.

She turned her fan girl side mode on after Kpop Superstar Rosé of Blackpink noticed her on an Instagram live during late Saturday evening.

Screen grab from Rosé’s Instagram Live.

Among 214k viewers, Andrea Brillantes was one of the lucky ones who received a ‘Hi’ from Rosé.

Andrea Brillantes fangirling over the ‘Hi’ she received from Rosé.

She is a certified Blink and has been a fan of Blackpink since 2017.

“Sobrang bias ko po talaga si Jennie! Na-love at first sight po ako sa kanya, promise!”

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