Andrea Brillantes denies getting lip fillers

Have you noticed something unusual with Andrea’s recent Tiktok video? One of her followers did.


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If you’re going to watch closely, you will notice the unusually swollen lips she has in her “Personal Favorites: Underarm Care Edition” Tiktok video.

Brillantes explained to her followers that she had an allergic reaction but have no idea from what.

“Uunahan ko na po kayong lahat, hindi po ako nagpa-lip fillers.”

“Nagising ako, umiyak ako, nagpanic ako kay Mama kasi hindi ko alam kung ano ang nangyari saakin”, she explained.

“Sana po walang na offend, there’s nothing wrong with getting lip fillers!! Gusto ko lang po lagi nagiging totoo kaya sinabi ko po yung akin, at hindi ko po magagawa yan kasi lagot po ako sa mama ko haha”, she comments.

Andrea mentioned that she once took a medicine that caused an allergic reaction. She also asked her followers for help to get rid of the inflammation because her taping starts tomorrow. Many common allergies are easily treatable with over-the-counter medicine. She mentioned taking an antihistamine and it eased up a bit of the swelling of her lips.

As much as we want to recommend something for Andrea, it is always best to ask your family doctor or local pharmacist for advice.

Watch her full explanation here:


Reply to @einalem0427 di po ako umiiyak haha papanic lng tlga

♬ original sound – Andrea Brillantes

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