ADOPT DON’T SHOP: Andrea Brillantes and her family adopts two adorable dogs from shelter

Andrea Brillantes and her family recently adopted (2) aspin dogs and named them Kookie and Cheesedog on Pawssion Project’s shelter. Her sister, Aan, posed with their adorable dogs on Instagram with the caption ‘’adopt don’t shop”’. 

Image from @blythe on Instagram

As we all know, Andrea has been a dog lover since she was younger. Their family has three other dogs, namely Oreo, Chewy, and Marley with their two cats named Cat and Beck that can also be seen on her social media accounts.

They also have a piglet named Lily, who was adopted last 2019 and was taken care of by their relative.

Brillantes mentioned before that she is hands on when it comes to their pets and gives them love and care as much as she can. “‘Marami akong binibigay na vitamins sa dogs ko. Mine-make sure ko na marami silang kinakain, matakaw sila at malakas”. [Source]

Brillantes family have shown that being a pet lover is more than being their pet, but showing them their utmost love and care as part of their family. Like them, we all should treat our pets as family and love them as much as we can. 

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