8 times SethDrea made us KILIG over their TikTok videos!

Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes’ love team also known as SethDrea, is making waves on the current scene with their ‘nakakakilig’ tandem since the hit teleserye Kadenang Ginto as Marga and Mikoy. The two were also actively posting vlogs and tiktoks together that made us gush into *KILIG* because of their sweetness. 

Check the TikTok videos of SethDrea here! 

SethDrea dancing to ‘What the H*ll’ by Avril Lavigne

Andrea walks with Seth like they are walking down the aisle.

The Among Us Halloween Costume

The two *sweet* crewmates shows their halloween costume that became trending

The Skeleton Couple

Did they just call each other BABY? So KILIG!

The second shows the two doing the double trend

Me and My Jowa Challenge

SethDrea hops on the trend but with a twist, they are joined by none other than Kyle Echarri! 😂

The Lego Heart TikTok

This video shows the two sharing a necklace while laughing together

Billie Jean x Boo Challenge

Seth and Andrea adorably dance together on the trending remix with the ‘souled out’ effect of Tik Tok.

The Domino Lovers Challenge

Of course, their newest *KILIG* TikTok dancing to Domino by Jessie J. 

SethDrea’s tiktok videos shows that the two are more than a love team, but a “couple of besties” who care and comfortable with each other. We’ll look forward to more of their tiktok as a loveteam or as a couple? Only them can answer that. 😉

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