10 things we can learn from ‘Binibini’ MV

It’s been two weeks since ‘Binibini’ music video by Zack Tabudlo was released! The video features the loveteam, Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes in a fascinating story of lovers. After being released, many fans talked about the video in social media and of course, made their own interpretation of the story. With this, keep on reading to know about the things we learned about relationships from the music video.

1. Take a risk or lose the chance

Screenshot from Binibini MV

In life, we should take risks dahil walang masama sa pag-try. Parang sugal ang relationships, you have to believe na this risk will lead to a good fortune.

2. Loving someone is a tough but worthwhile process

Screenshot from Binibini MV

Sabi nga nila, loving someone is not easy because it is a long process. Not just happy moments, but also sad ones. All you have to do is to understand each other better and grow as partners.

2. Pahalagahan mo ang isang tao hangga’t kasama mo pa siya

Screenshot from Binibini MV

If you really love someone, you have to love them in the best way you can. No buts and what ifs. You two should be committed because it is a bumpy journey that you two are taking. Give and take, for better or worse.

4. In a relationship, normal ang mapagod

When you feel tired or unstable, be honest with your partner. If you need a break, tell him/her. You two should communicate well and understand each other.

5. Hindi dahil mahal niyo ang isa’t isa, magiging masaya kayo

Screenshot from Binibini MV

If there’s no understanding and communication of each other, it will not always work. Both should be committed and ready for every obstacles of the relationship. Again, it is not an easy process but a worthwhile one with the right person.

6. Cherish every moment kasama ang taong mahal mo

“Every moment with your love is worthwhile” as they said. Happy or sad times, it is part of your relationship.

7. It hurts to have an ‘almost’ relationship

Be honest about your feelings. Risk or lose the chance because mutual understanding may work or not. Same case for relationships with label. The key is understanding and honesty about what you feel to each other.

87. Two people who used to love each other, are now strangers with memories

It may be sad to hear, but not every relationship or fling end up in a good note. Challenges are always there, but when you understand and trust each other, everything will follow.

9. Don’t depend your happiness on someone

It is a part of your growth. Both should grow not just as a pair, but individually.

10. A good start does not always lead to a happy ending

Screenshot from Binibini MV

In a relationship, we should be ready to commit and at the same time, ready for its consequences. Good or bad, the two of you should be faithful and committed.

Watch the ‘Binibini’ music video here:

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